Civic Hall Live Acoustic Sessions

by Vinthersønn

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released April 29, 2016

Words and music written by Christoph Enderlein.
Made in Falkensee and Potsdam, Germany.


all rights reserved



Vinthersønn Germany

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Track Name: Arouse Me
so you long for times when I used to go along
so wanting for to awake into a happy song
feeling stronger by hearing for longer the sounds of the ideal world
all my power pooled in a flower and I didn't even know
please make my voice sounding, please arouse me

so you long for times when I used to give solace
to dry your tears and retrieve a smile in your face
close your eyes son, tell all our friends to come to this colourful place
all my senses perceive valences that I used to love
please take my hand and join me, please arouse me

please revisit your homeland, please arouse me
Track Name: Then I Awake
this kind of remorse's so strong
sadness steadily going along
framed pictures hanging on the wall
my cheeks the ground of a waterfall

I know I dream when
I find you again
and you see
everything that I hold
is here in my breast
we find our souls alive
and heaven and earth are
pretty much the same
but then I awake

thoughts cut down like the tree
the tree of my family
I crumble on with my years
with gloomy music in my ears

I know I dream when
I laugh because I can
and you see
everything that I hold
is here in my heart
at the end there is a light
where you-all are reaching
for my hand to take
but then I awake

but why did the pearly gates have to
back then call for of all people you
and why did you have to pass it through
and why didn't I choose to go with you
Track Name: Leila
spent the night on thinking, I was wide awake
your angel dancing and your person stuck in my head
my heart it jumps around, my feet don't touch the ground
I so want to know, where are you now

you flood every place you go with the brightest light
that blossoms out every flower and every mind
Leila, I want you and there's nothing I can do
to pieces I am torn, where have you gone

I won't give you up, quite the contrary
and if I will die, I will find you whatever it takes
I will not turn around, will climb every mount
because I know that we belong together

I want to be with you, always, with all I am
Track Name: Here To Stay
how dark the sky
freezing in fear
the roll of thunder
and clamour come to my ears

the numbers all
go haywire
maybe to plummet is
all our desire


can you hear me
we tremble in mortal fear
the passengers
scream their minds to the heavens
all of us
are reliant upon you
it's better now
to only do what you say

I hold a thread
inside my hands
the scissors in my mind
can make it end

and in no time
we'd fade to grey
but I know we can
make it any way


therefore I need
your voice your help your heal
I do my best
to carry it off well
it's everything
it's in us for the fight
for survival
because we're here to stay
Track Name: Always Thinking About You
staring at the walls inside of me
empty, white and sterile vicinity
voices sounding in my ear and I
want to go and run and fly

while wondering why I was so asinine
letting time run and not have read between the lines
I just beat my head against the wall
hoping it's me who is the next to fall

and I am always thinking about you
let time run

my eyes squint against the sun
while tears burning start to run
feel you slipping through my fingers
as the price for I did linger

steadily hoped to see your face
shining brightly through the haze
of your ailment I didn't know a thing
before the rails forced me to go off

and I was always thinking about you
let time run

the hole you left
see it grow
but though you're gone
we all know

that deep inside of us you live on and on
giving us the chance to keep it on
you fill all the hearts of humanity
with your laughter and warmth and gaiety and

we'll be always thinking about you
Track Name: Deep Blue Water
the sun it blinds my eyes, I hear the sound of the waves
and feel the white and crumby sand under my feet
the seagulls sing their tunes into the golden horizons
make me as light as a feather

I'm floating through the sound of all the jolly kids
the wind so invigorating makes my shirt flap
my mind it is a song that's dancing naked to itself
my heard cries out tears of delight

and now that the deep blue water
cools my head and neck and shoulders
I abandon all my bad thoughts and replace
them with pictures of flowers and never ending hours
of breathing all the love the world is holding for me
Track Name: Guide Us Home
slowly I lie down in tiredness
close my little eyes more or less
will you be with me, I ask
you just smile

the day fades into the night
I see your star shining bright
as I giggle in delight
guide me home
guide us home
Track Name: Waited For You
I've never met a guy like you
so warm and vast equally
your mantra is there's always a chance
but I don't think so, how could I

I feel it there's a gleam of hope
an incentive so strong
how do you do this, we thought ourselves lost
and you pull us out, beyond words

I can't describe how we feel
now that the whole thing is done
you saved us from a calamity
thanks a million, you are loved

we have waited for you
Track Name: Fly With Me
come fly with me my dear
let's breathe in the light for once and disappear
once sing and rejoice together
let's feel the pleasant breeze
I will handle this dizzy height
there's no need to be afraid

come fly with me my friend
see how brightly coloured is the whole land
seas, meadows and all the houses
and how the sunbeams caress the treetops
now tell me, isn't that a sight
lovely with you I can share this flight

it's an honour to have you by my side

come fly with me my mate
there's no bad vibes left we'd have to bate
we're like the angels in heaven
like the eagles over the mountains
and there's nothing to stop us now
we are immortal, and how
Track Name: All Your Glory
I lately sat in my bedroom
and my mind was caught in a trap
I didn't know better but smash all the mirrors
to free me from myself

and you tell me, yeah you tell me you went down
from the highest peak of heaven to the ground
with the wisdom of a lifetime in your baggage
and a range of great advices in your head

you don't have to bear with me
there ain't no reason or rhyme
for you or me to stay here
and to waste our time

it burnes our hearts to ashes
to see you being that way
sitting and staring and hiding your tears
behind your grey thick skin

and you tell us, yeah you tell us you were uggly
more than not a thousand monsters could have been
but believe us, you should know that all your glory
is making the sun envious

stand up, friend and stamp again
and don't hesitate to blare
and then put your head up
and your forefeet in the air

soon the world comes to an end
swallowed from the end of time
and when the lights are turning out
you'll be the first to shine
Track Name: Summer Swing
once upon a time there was a guy
who's heart is silent but who's still alive
his voice it can be heard at any place and time
but although he retired in the haze

he gave birth to animals and men
with every single word again and again
an elephant, a lion and a bear he was
but always stayed true to himself

being young is such a beautiful thing
crying from laughter in a summer swing
rubb your back on a tree
and dance and sing your heart out to me

and as he took his hat and turned away
all of these hearts were squalling in pain
he left a hole because he left too soon
and his coffin was sealed with burning tears

being young is such a beautiful thing
crying from laughter in a summer swing
beware of dogs and bare your teeth
and dance and sing your heart out to me

but though he will be missed for good
even more than he ever knew he would
he will rise and his timbre will sound and then
it will overlay everything with love

staying young inside can save a life
I will party hard in the hive
and then i will stand on a haystack
waving the sky and watch you wave me back
Track Name: Devil's Oak
I have no idea where else to search for him
all I have is nil and a piece of nothing
all I do not want is to lose my best friend
please take all the grey and light it up to white

please say, he'll come back

oh please devil's oak, lead me to the cave
I know he must be there, otherwise I'm at my wit's end

suddenly it's dark, everything is dark
suddenly it's dark, everything is so

as I watched the daylight here
my both eyes they got washed away
I missed everything
the sun and trees and birds of gay

all the while in the dark I did know
that you would find my body lying in low

I feel my blood is running through my veins
I feel the joy defeating all the pain

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